Christians are known for what they are against. This has always been and always will. There’s no getting around it. And while this post may be “against those who are against” I want to simply look at the cross and empty grave, the manger and the life of our Lord in between those marquee events in history.

It’s easy to bring up what’s wrong with the world and how Christians are being attacked. I mean, real easy. But the reality is that God is being attacked; not “Christians.” We are the body as He dwells in us. And yet when “bad things happen to good Christians,” we get our pants in a bunch and emphasize our “rights.” As far I read in Scripture, we gave up our rights when we crossed over from death to life, committing to follow Jesus as Lord and master of our lives. Are we so consumed with what we can do that we don’t see what God can and is doing? I mean, sure, when you deduce that when we are being attacked it’s actually God taking the heat, you are more humbled. But let’s be frank, God’s a big boy. He can handle it. With or without our whining.

This is not to say we are to shirk our responsibility to stand for justice, righteousness and things that are clearly God’s heart. But now having an eight year old who is ready to take his bar exam, I realize that we try to be the defendant and even prosecutor quite frequently with God. And it is really annoying. I am constantly saying in response to arguments with my mini-attorney,

“Trust me.”

It’s amazing how often that’s all I want him to grasp in those moments. I know things and have a perspective far beyond what he knows.

Instead of trying to be God’s lawyer, I’m going to try and be His paralegal, allowing Him to tell me what to do and serve my boss in the most mysterious of ways. I’ll do my best to aid Him in His work, a case He’s actually already won, but I will take His lead and not try to put myself in His shoes (though tempting at times!)

It’s my main objective to focus on what He is for and not what He is against. I want to be proactive with love, grace and service instead of reactive with whining, uptight childishness.

One can hope. And I hope others may step back from the witness stand trying to be God and see the Saviour’s role on their team.  I, personally, simply want to be on His team. And I have a lot of work to do in that area.

That’s no objection, your Honor. May our lives give you even just a portion of the honor you so deserve.

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