I’ll avoid them whenever possible. I’ll drive extra distances (sometimes twice the distance), just to get out of their way. Waiting. The quick pass through. The light that always turns yellow just as the car in front of you finally pulls up far enough for you not to run over the median. Not enough time to “catch it.” No thank you. Left turns. Grrr . . .

Am I alone in this? I mean, who likes waiting there? Or missing them? Some of you texting moms might look forward to finishing that quick note that was all predictively texted wrong. But then you’re that gal who made me have to wait another 1.57 minutes until I could get through the stupid left turn! Or maybe you needed to yell at the kids in the back and finally you can look back instead of just rear-view mirror it, which is clearly not as effective. Left turns . . . waiting.


Folks debate on exactly what this term that is used over 70 times in the Psalms means. Many will agree it was some sort of musical interlude. At times it caused you to ponder what you just heard and others I think causes you to pause because you need to.

I wonder if left turns are the “selahs” of the road. They are strategically placed along where you are going to simply make you wait. So often we don’t want to wait. And so it is with life. We don’t want to wait. We’d rather go around the difficult times. Sometimes we avoid those left turns which uses up our gas or keeps us moving when we need to just stop and ponder or stop and rest.


I’m sitting on one right now and even more deeply after the new year. If only I didn’t have that silly “work to provide for the family thing” I’d love to selah some more. But even then I’m sure I can. Sitting here writing during the crazy Christmas season (ironically a left turn in and of itself for some), I am totally left-turning it.

I think for now I’ll just sit in the left turn lane until that mom finishes her text. And maybe even have to wait another 1.57 minutes. But I think I’m good with that. In fact, I think I’m going to enjoy the next left turn . . . selah.

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