Continuing from post-surgery, post-fire recovery …

  1. Dial-up
  2. Microwaved Pizza
  3. Marathon
  4. One-Sized-Fits-All
  5. Plateaus
  6. Paradox
  7. Not from what you think you are needing healing
  8. What’s Around the Corner

The .45?

We moved in! August 1. Our first night in our new bed was the 8th, and our first weekend together without pressing projects was Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t wait!

I know there’s more I should be learning but I haven’t quite grasped it. I’m sure it’s because I’m not yet done either of these restorations. Maybe I’ll learn that I’m stronger in the end, like I did in the past, or maybe it will be something of which I have the least understanding. I’m learning right now about recovery/restoration and some of it I’ve shared; some is yet to be seen. That’s the 8.45th.

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