Continuing from post-surgery, post-fire recovery …

  1. Dial-up
  2. Microwaved Pizza
  3. Marathon
  4. One-Sized-Fits-All
  5. Plateaus

6. Recovery/Restoration is this paradoxical opportunity and misery.

The books I have surrounding me, the to-do’s that I would otherwise never even think about completing, the thoughts of what I could do to “make the most” of this opportunity can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that I end up just watching Villanova basketball or episodes of Psych. In part, it depresses me because I could have made more out of the opportunity I had. Another part of me knows I just couldn’t be effective in those things.

The fire has been similar. We’ve discussed creative ideas of what to do with our house that we never would have considered if this hadn’t happened. I can almost guarantee we will be in what will feel like a brand new home! Yet the overwhelming thoughts of re-purchasing, deciding on what to get, letting go of various important memories, and more is simply daunting. The case is often that we just don’t know where to start. But even though we don’t, it’s an opportunity.

The story of our faith is one of great paradox. We live in the tension of Kingdom already and yet not yet. Justice and mercy. Sin and grace. Discipline and freedom. Brokenness and joy. And all tend to be the extremes of these important and powerful concepts. I believe it is Tim Keller who said that we as Christians have the capability of experiencing the deepest sadness and greatest joy than any other humans because we understand the heart of God and what breaks his heart and bring him joy.

When I read in the Psalms how God turns our mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11 and others), I think it captures that misery and opportunity so well. Everyone may experience the gamut of emotions on any day, but in times of recovery, they seem to be enhanced because of the sensitivity and tiredness that is a natural result of the situation.

On to the seventh …

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